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White Collar, or that time basic cable accidentally gave us a poly show about an art thief

I’ve been watching White Collar again. I’ll confess this was a show I gave up on when it was first airing. My friends all said it was super poly, and it was… for a while. Then there was all this tacked on brokenhearted … Continue reading

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Six things Pride & Prejudice taught us about the romance genre while also ruining our lives

In our not quite yet a tradition of watching new-to-us romantic comedies and seeing what they can teach us about the romance genre, Erin and I recently watched the 1995 Pride and Prejudice. Although to be fair, it’s not really … Continue reading

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How Stuff Works: The SAG Awards

The SAG Awards nominations for this year have just been announced.  While they are one of many, many entries in the ever growing and lengthening awards season, they are arguably the one actors care most about. As union members we … Continue reading

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Romance @ Random – True Blood Seasn 7, Episode 3 and 4 Recaps

I’ve been slightly remiss on posting links to my True Blood recaps over at Romance@Random. The shining lights of the last two weeks of True Blood have been the Eric and Pam backstory about the birth of Fangtasia and the unresolved sexual tension … Continue reading

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Starling Story Molecule at The Snarkology today

Erin and I have a fun thing up at The Snarkology today.  Melissa got permission from TV Tropes to do a promo where authors construct story molecules out of the Periodic Table of Storytelling. Since our book is about TV, … Continue reading

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Romance @ Random: Begin Again review & True Blood recap (7.2)

This week I have two pieces up at Romance @ Random, both of which are a little more relevant to what Erin and I write than usual. The first is a review of Begin Again, a quasi-romantic comedy from the … Continue reading

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Romance @ Random – True Blood Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

Death! Kidnapping! Sex on top of cars!  Oh True Blood you are back, and you’re crackier than ever. Lots of fine, fine eye candy this episode, at least one shocker, and a whole bunch of spoilers from me over at … Continue reading

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