In Progress

This page includes things that we’re currently working on as well as manuscripts that are out for submission

Cardinal (Love in Los Angeles Book 4)

Queer contemporary romance

Set eighteen months after the end of Phoenix (Love in Los Angeles Book 3). Children change everything, including J. Alex Cook’s ability to run away from his past.

Tempest (Love’s Labours Book 3)

Queer contemporary romance/Magical realism

John and Michael return to The Theater in the Woods for another season only to find Michael trails storms after him wherever he goes.

Sea Silk

M/F Contemporary romance/Magical realism

When a high society New York couple with literary pretentions and a massive age difference take a month long holiday to eat, drink, and screw their way across Southern Italy, the last thing they expect is to be confronted with marriage, mortality, and other forms of magic in a town that doesn’t exist.

The Defense and Diplomacy Research Institute (Working title)

Queer contemporary romance/Suspense

Gabe thought he’d landed the best internship ever when his Washington DC think tank sent him on a business trip to Budapest with his unfairly attractive boss. But now a man is dead, everyone’s in danger, and Gabe is going to spy school. So much for summer vacation.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Queer historical romance/Suspense

When WWII ends and the Russians are suddenly the new enemy, the best thing Phil Close and his former handler Stella Scott can think to do is get out of the game. They marry and flee to America, leaving behind Phil’s lover and the British intelligence service’s biggest headache, the perpetually drunk, charming, and disorganized Allen Fowler. But when Allen’s discovery of a double agent puts his life — along with that of Stella and Phil — in danger, he’s forced to find a way to bring them back into the fold.

Desperate Needs

F/F May/December
Part of the Riptide contemporary romance series The Rose and Thorn

Diane Darling is the daughter of a dynasty. Although she has been raised since birth to walk red carpets and carry on her parents A-list acting legacy, Diane fancies herself an auteur. There’s just one problem: Securing financing from a Hollywood money machine that only puts women in the director’s chair 10% of the time.

Diane thinks she’s found her big break when her parents’ connections lead her to Walter Bancroft, a successful producer responsible for two of the last decade’s Best Picture winners. But when he offers to pony up 80% of the funds she needs to film her movie, Diane finds out his largesse comes with strings–of the casting couch variety.

When Diane turns down the funds, Walter’s wife Cynthia, who has spent years watching her husband “help” creative women while her own life has been devoted to supporting Walter’s career, catches her on the way out. She hands Diane a business card for the [queer lady private social club]. As Diane follows the lead provided to her by Cynthia, she encounters a whole world of female power players the Hollywood myth told her never existed. She also discovers that Walter has a long record of preying on women looking to get ahead. With the aid of Cynthia and her new friends, Diane sets about making her movie, bringing down Walter, and winning Cynthia’s heart for her very own.