Tremontaine S1 now available in Danish!

Tremontaine_DanishThe Danish editions of Tremontaine’s S1 episodes are now available from Saga Egmont!

I en fiktiv by i en fjern fortid udspiller der sig et klassisk melodrama fyldt med sex, skandaler og sværdkamp, der fører os tilbage til den populære verden fra Ellen Kushners Swordspoint. En dans af forræderi og bedrag begynder, da en hertuginde, en studerende, en hertug, et geni og en gæst fra den anden side af havet mødes i et spind af gamle hemmeligheder og løgne.

Amazon Germany and presumably wherever you generally prefer to get your Danish language books.


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Awards eligbility post

It’s a weird thing in two genres that do everything completely differently, but …

In romance awards generally happen by authors or publishers entering work in contests, most of which charge a small fee for administration and/or to benefit the work of the organization that runs the contest.

In SFF contests often have no fee, one must be nominated to be considered, and authors and publishers generally post “eligibility posts” to remind people of what they’ve done in the last year that can be considered for such awards.

This is that.

queenfromebook-1As an alternate history with elements of magic, A Queen from the North is in the SFF bucket as well as the romance bucket.  The novel tells the story of a contemporary but not-so-united kingdom in which the Wars of the Roses have never ended. A widowed prince and a daughter of York agree to enter a political marriage for the sake of peace, but the bird auguries of Arthur’s young niece, the sexism of tradition, the viciousness of the paparazzi, and the mistrust of the people threaten to reignite violence across the nation.

You can get it in ebook, paperback, or hardcover – and most importantly, you can get it from your library – it’s available through Overdrive so it is requestable if your branch doesn’t yet have it.

Tremontaine is handled differently by different award systems. But in general:

tremontaine_s1_printS1, which has a print edition from SAGA press and came out in 2017 is eligible as either novel or anthology.

Meanwhile, individual episodes are generally eligible for novella. Because our seasons run across years (i.e., 2016/2017 and 2017/2018) the currently eligible episodes include the back-half of S2 and the front half of S3. (Meaning my S3 episode with Joel Derfner, Tessa Gratton, and Karen Lord won’t be eligible until next year and the full-season under consideration right now is likely S2, with S3 in its complete for considered next year). Seasons 2 & 3 of Tremontaine are currently available in ebook and audio.

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Are you a visual novel fan?

In addition to our books, we’re now writing for Lovestruck, a visual romance game portal from Voltage. You can get the app and read basic story lines for free (there are paid options that also deepen the story).

We’re currently working on To Love & Protect with the debut of Edgar’s Season 4 plot DUfKNonU8AA5rrRline this week (but you’ll want to start at the beginning).

Lovestruck games offer both M/F and F/F romance options with similar heat levels and styles (we’ve been told we’ll be working on an F/F season next). They’re great for reading on the go.

App Store:  | Google Play:  | Amazon:

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Queerness and Tremontaine on Terrible Minds

TremontaineS3_authorsDo you know of Chuck Wendig, author extraordinaire and dispenser of really good literary advice you are free to ignore because he knows not all advice works for everyone?

Well you should, and he has an awesome blog called Terrible Minds where you can find out about the many things he cares about and his many many novels (which include Star Wars tie-in work, so like, he’s living the dream).

Recently he hosted me for a personal essay on Tremontaine, how it handles queerness, and why that – and Swordspoint (the book that started it all) – really matters to me, because of time and place and the communal trauma of the AIDS years.

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Racheline and Erin interviewed in Library Journal

Ancient Rivalry.Modern Romance. (13)As part of A Queen from the North winning in Library Journal’s Indie Ebook Awards 2017, we were interviewed by the magazine about the book, about its upcoming sequel – A Royal of Ravens – focusing on George, and about the challenges of indie publishing in general.

You can catch it all at their site.

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Racheline quoted on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

queenfromebook-1It was time to talk about some non-fiction royal for a change, as Racheline was interviewed for Wedding Wire on why the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looks built to last.

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The Art of Three wins a Rainbow Award

Winner, Silver2017 Rainbow AwardsBisexual contemporary Romance (1).pngThe Art of Three was named a winner in the Rainbow Awards in the category of Best Contemporary Bisexual Romance. The book was also named a runner-up for Best Bisexual Romance overall, and three judges awarded us honorable mentions (scoring the book 36/40 or higher).

Here’s some of what the judges had to say:

Utterly fascinating … the reader will not be able to close the book until the last word is read.”

“…wonderfully complex characters…. I really didn’t want to put it down!”

The authors are fantastic storytellers, navigating the reader through complex emotions, varied landscapes, jet-setting life-styles and the social minefield of colleagues, family, neighbors, and the Church.”

The Art of Three is on sale for just $2.99 now through December 16, 2017.

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