Snare – Free through July 5!

We’ll be taking Snare out of KU soon, meaning you’ll be able to buy it on any of the major distributor sites. But! Before it goes, we’ve set it free for everyone for the next few days.

New York City-Sex. Death. Taxes.Also vampires. (2).png

When Elliot Iverson, a municipal employee responsible for paperwork pertaining to New York City’s vampire population, knocks on the door of the Gramercy warren, he wants only to resolve a clerical error. But a sudden snowstorm, a new friendship, and an ill-advised threesome force Elliot to make some big choices about his own life and death.

Please be aware that this story contains some consent issues and is HFN. I wouldn’t call it dark romance, but it’s for sure creepy and has some not nice people in it. It’s not for everyone.


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A Queen from the North paperback now available

Ancient rivalry.Modern romance. (6).png

If you want a physical copy of A Queen from the North, that’s now a thing you can get! Amazon:

B&N: (where it’s 23% off as of my typing this, so you may want to check there first for a bargain).

Also wherever else you buy books or request via ISBN:  978-1946192042

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Racheline in BoingBoing about being a fan and a pro

tremontaine_s1_printI wrote World of Riverside fanfiction before I got hired to write and produce on the prequel serial TremontaineTo celebrate the release of the season 1 hardcover and paperback, I wrote a little bit about how that happened, why it’s weird, what fanfiction does better than many traditional literary spaces, and why doing both makes me a better — if sometimes super socially awkward — writer.

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Love in Los Angeles re-releases continue!

Starling in its reedited form (and featuring more Victor) is now available in ebook and paperback on sites beyond Amazon. Doves is also available wide now in ebook. The paperback has been submitted to the printer and we’ll have those in a few weeks. Additionally, the preorder for the re-edited version of Phoenix is also now available. And yes, this means you are getting Cardinal in 2018!

Love in los Angeles

Starling | Doves | Phoenix

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Read us on Radish!

Radish - Author Layout - Erin and Racheline (1)

In addition to all the usual channels, several of our titles (with more to come) are now available on Radish, a serialized fiction site where you read (and purchase) books in bite-sized pieces that take 8 – 15 minutes to read.

A Queen from the North is currently available complete, with other stories posting twice a week. A special epilogue to The Art of Three will initially be available on exclusively on Radish after that novel finishes posting.

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The Art of Three gets an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Rainbow Awards!

artofThe Art of Three has received an Honorable Mention in the Bisexual Romance category in the 2017 Rainbow Awards. This means that a judge gave it at least a 36 out of possible 40 points and does not imply that the book has or hasn’t made the finalist list (which will be announced later in the year).

honorablementionThe judge says, “I was smitten by this book and couldn’t put it down. The authors are fantastic storytellers, navigating the reader through complex emotions, varied landscapes, jet-setting life-styles and the social minefield of colleagues, family, neighbors, and the Church. The plot races on, slowing down for the tender p
arts where love and affection blooms unfettered by extra words, and by extra physical descriptions of sex. I noticed the lack of on-screen intimacy, but didn’t miss it. In fact, the already complex plot would’ve been all-too busy with extra thrown in. I recommend this book without reservations.

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A Queen from North now available!

queenfromebook-1A Queen from the North is now available in ebook! The paperback is in production and should be available mid-month.

Amazon reader kashmir1 says, “A wonderful, refreshing take…. The main characters were three dimensional and relatable. Loved the inclusion of characters from the LGBTQ+ community, including the first genderqueer character I’ve ever seen in published fiction! I read this book in a day because I just could not put it down. I’ve been reading romance novels for over two decades and this is hands down one of the best.”

Suzi says,”This is a wonderfully complex alt-history romance that is both enjoyable to read and meaningful about how royalty works – and what it means to be a 21st century woman caught up in traditions that are centuries old.”

Jill calls it, “gorgeous worldbuilding” and A.R. Prosser says, “This is really a book that I could read again, one I’d like to have on gloomy days to lift myself out of this world and into one a couple steps to the left where history made very different turns.”

Amazon | B&N| iBooks | GooglePlay | Kobo

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