The Opposite of Drowning now available for pre-order!

opposite4.jpgIf you like May/December romances about publishing industry snark, food trucks, late night talk show hosts, European travel, and apps about competitive extreme dog grooming, this book may be for you.

Includes: M/F central romance with a bisexual hero, M/M and F/F romances in the b plots, adventures in Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, and NYC, hints of magic, freak hail storms, the drowned city of Ys, a ghost horse, some angry feelings about New York Society, and lots and lots of banter and bickering.

Releases on all platforms April 23, 2019. Amazon pre-order available now.


Harry Sargent hates his job in publishing, his life in New York City, and his motley collection of disreputable best friends. Making everything worse? He’s about to turn 50 and has a crush on the much-younger woman his company just hired to move them into the digital age.

At 27, Elizabeth Anne Abgral loves her job, her life, and maybe even her fiancé. But no one can have it all, and as long as she does everything her old-fashioned, high-society New England family expects of her, she’ll probably be happy. Right?!

But when she meets a handsome – and mischievous – older man at her new job, that illusion shatters.

As she and Harry bicker their way through industry events around the world, Elizabeth finds herself tossing rationality – and her plans – to the wind.

But just because Harry has long wished his life were different, doesn’t mean he’s ready to risk his heart on a passion that frightens him… or a peculiar young woman with the uncanny ability to make cities flood every time they kiss.

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