How did you start writing together?

We originally met in passing through the wonder of online fandom and then bonded over our love of backstage narratives while on on the worst road trip ever. We started writing together because we wanted to read more stories about how really difficult — and unconventional — relationship work can pay off in the end.

What is the cowriting process like?

We’re telling each other a story, but we keep interrupting each other to say, “But wait, wouldn’t it be even better if….?”

How does cowriting work — do you each own some of the characters?

Cowriting is weird magic, so we don’t always know how it works.  But nope, we each write all the characters all the time.  We arguably each have more affinity for certain characters compared to others because of everything from ease of writing to life experiences, but we know, and are profoundly protective of, all of them.

What publisher(s) do you work with?

While in the past we have worked with a range of presses, we are now mainly focused on self-publishing as is common in the romance industry. However, we are open to working with publishers for anthologies, foreign translations, and audio books. Please contact us at erin.and.racheline@gmail.com to discuss.

Why did you decide to focus on self-publishing?

The publishing industry is changing fast. As a team that has worked with both small and large publishers, we took a look at both our own sales stats and those of the industry and decided we had to investigate the hybrid option. As authors writing plot-heavy stories of all heat levels that often feature themes of queerness and polyamory that really hook into our own life experiences, we came to the conclusion that we were the best people to lead the publishing and marketing efforts for some of our work. So, with a great editorial, design, and marketing team that we’ve assembled, that’s what we’re doing.

Can you take a look at my manuscript?

If you are looking for some professional opinion (versus being the type of close friend who should just send us email), we do offer some limited editorial services (see the site menu).

Do you do signings and other events?

We love doing events.  You can see the list of events we’re participating in on our events page.  This includes on-line and in-person stuff.

I’d like to invite you to be part of an event, what do I do?

If you’d like to talk to us about participating in an event on- or off-line, drop us an email erin.and.racheline@gmail.com. For reference, Racheline is based in NYC and Erin is based in Rochester, NY, but we’re both open to travel, and Racheline is on the road a lot, so give us a try!


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