What we’re working on right now

Just a quick update on various things we’re currently working on:

  • A short book about self-publishing and how to create self-published books that mimic the experience — for readers, reviewers, and store buyers — of traditionally published novels. Consider this less a how-to book and more a strategic/tactical guide to successful self-publishing based on our own experiences. Our goal is to have this out by the end of NaNoWriMo and have it available during preorder and the initial release period for $.99. It will go up to $2.99 later.
  • The Evergreen rerelease. Love in Los Angeles fans, don’t forget to preorder!
  • We are still available for editing work, although not until 2019! More information here: https://avian30.com/editing-services/
  • We’re working on edits on our May/December romance, The Opposite of Drowning. Set in the world of non-fiction publishing, this book leans heavily on the myth of Ys and we expect to be able to announce the release date in early January.
  • And yes, we are working on George’s book for the sequel to A Queen from the NorthIt’s called A Royal of Ravens and we don’t have a release schedule yet.
  • More vaguely, we’re also working on sequels (yes, more than one!) to After the Gold, featuring new couples and romances, but with Katie and Brendan has supporting characters as well as an espionage series we’ve been talking about forever (um, which might cross over with some of our other projects, because why not?!).
  • P.S., since some of you asked — while we’re not deeply working on them yet, there will be two more full-length Love in Los Angeles books. It was created as a six book series and we will finish it! Meanwhile, paperbacks of Cardinal and the books 1 – 3 box set will be available soon.
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