A Queen from the North is coming to audio!!!

Erin and I have been looking to get some of our titles into audio for some time, but the proposition was always complicated — in part because so many of our books require such specific voices, but we finally found an audiobook publisher willing to take on the challenge.

Pagewater Publishing will be releasing the A Queen from the North unabridged audiobook on June 1. It has a full cast (credited below), amazing sound design, and will transport you to the very weird world of a modern U.K., where the Wars of the Roses have never ended.

The book is narrated by Jane Wing, who is also voicing both Amelia and her mother. Arthur, King Henry, Lord Brockett, and the male narrator are being voiced by Simon Jackson.

You never really realize how much you’re asking of your actors until you hear them inhabit your words. We are in awe of the heavy lifting Jane and Simon are doing in bringing this book to life and also the Amelia and Arthur chemistry is Off. The. Charts.

Completing the cast are (in alphabetical order):

Max Blackman (Charlie, Footman, Chief Steward, Fashion Designer, Announcer, Escort)
Len Clarke (Cecile, Hyacinth, Reporter)
Robyn Holdaway (George)
Adrianne Jeffries (Robin)
Dee Meir (Priya, Violet, Lady Olivia, Helen)
Dafydd Morse (Mr Jones, Vyvian, Gary, Nick)
Jenny Steel (Jo, Docent, Wedding Coordinator, Head Seamstress, Aide)
JP Wright (Edward)

We’ve had the amazing experience of being super involved in casting and getting to hear each chapter as it is completed. I can’t tell you how often Erin and I email each other with some version of “[actor] is PERFECT” because it’s utterly constant. We hope to be bringing you more info about the cast and the production process soon as the release approaches.

If you’ve already read and loved A Queen from the North, we hope you’ll come along with us on the ride. If you haven’t experienced this contemporary romance full of ancient rivalries, we hope you’ll join us for the audio.

The audiobook will be available on June 1 from Audible and other audiobook platforms. Because we believe choice is important, we’re not going exclusive, which prevents us from doing a traditional preorder. But you can sign up here to receive a reminder of when the audio is available.

And yes, we are hard at work on the sequel, A Royal of Ravens. Robyn Holdaway was cast with this book (in which George is the main protagonist) in mind and we hope we’ll be able to bring that story to you in audio as well.

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