Romance @ Random – True Blood Season 6 Recap

The big True Blood season premiere is this Sunday night.  If you can’t remember what happened last season beyond Eric Northman’s spectacular nudity, you can catch up on season 6 with my brief recap over at Romance @ Random.

In addition to waiting to see which faerie-vampire-warlock werewolf will steal Sookie’s heart this season, my wish list includes Jessica and Tara hooking up, Pam and Eric solving their crap (please don’t be dead, Eric!), and all the Lafayette on my screen ever.

I wouldn’t say no to Russell Edgington rising from his permanent death either (him and Reverend Newlin slow-dancing to “Teenage Dream” after the frat house massacre is one of the greatest,weirdest things I’ve ever seen on TV, and if you watch Glee you know why).

What are hoping for out of the seventh and final season?

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