How Stuff Works: The SAG Awards

The SAG Awards nominations for this year have just been announced.  While they are one of many, many entries in the ever growing and lengthening awards season, they are arguably the one actors care most about. As union members we get to vote to recognize our peers in both TV and film.  And to the extent that any awards are predictive of The Academy Awards, the SAG Awards have a decent track record.

The SAG Awards don’t feature with any prominence in the Love in Los Angeles books, but unlike the awards that do, I actually get to vote in the SAG Awards.  As that process gets underway I’m going to blog about it here periodically, not because it’s particularly exciting but because one of the things our series is about is the pedestrian/logistical nature of all things Hollywood, and this is one of the few I can actually give you a pretty direct window to.

I’ve personally never been on the SAG Awards nominating committee, although friends have. It’s a little bit like winning the lottery of free screenings and showings (SAG-AFTRA members are selected by computer at random for this task), and the sheer volume of things people try to watch to be responsible members of the nominating committee is daunting. Just keeping up with everything nominated as a regular voter is generally hard enough.

This year’s nominees can be found here.

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