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Back in Brooklyn

After a number of misadventures in Europe (a debutante ball sponsored by the bakery industry in Vienna; a quest to meet Canada’s hottie Prime Minister at the World Economic Forum in Davos; a night stranded in Munich trying to get … Continue reading

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I am currently on a plane to Los Angeles. I am not entirely sure why.

For the last five years I’ve gone to Los Angeles every February.  That started as a fan pilgrimage to a Doctor Who con, morphed into an excuse to see friends who don’t (or no longer) live near me, and in the … Continue reading

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Sometimes we talk about…Skulls

Given that we live in different cities and only meet face to face twice a month to do work, most of Racheline’s and my communication is done via e-mail. We have efficient systems and it works really well, and what … Continue reading

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Playlist: Lake Effect

Earlier I wrote about growing up in Rochester, where “Lake Effect” is set. Today, I’m bringing you the music of the story and of Rochester, as I know it. Most of it falls somewhere in the Irish folk/pop/rock spectrum. Most of the … Continue reading

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The (un)reality of awards shows

Last week, I got to go to the Billboard Music Awards.  I’d actually never been to a broadcast awards ceremony before, and even though our Love in Los Angeles books aren’t about the music scene (although there’s a guy in … Continue reading

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Do the thing! Bite-sized pieces edition

As has been mentioned, I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Thankfully, I’ll be home Tuesday morning. Traveling is one of those things I am both very good at — I do it a lot and I haven’t gotten stranded or … Continue reading

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Giovanni’s Room

During my freshman year in college, I worked at Lambda Rising, a gay bookstore in Washington DC. I worked in the warehouse in back, fielding phones orders from guys in Alaska who would order about $300 worth of gay novels … Continue reading

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What’s the time difference between D.C. and Pretoria?

The things cowriting makes you Google, or at least glance at a map for. (The answer, by the way, is six hours, which tends to be a really good spread for us.) Racheline’s going to South Africa in May for … Continue reading

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Rochester, NY

Even though we began Starling way earlier, the first story of Racheline and mine to be released is a short story in a wedding-themed anthology from Torquere Press. Unlike Starling, “Lake Effect” isn’t set in New York or L.A. or any of the other … Continue reading

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New York Minute

I grew up in New York State, in Upstate New York, in Rochester, New York, but never in New York because when you say “I’m from New York,” to someone from out of state, the assumption is, always, that you’re … Continue reading

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