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Back in Brooklyn

After a number of misadventures in Europe (a debutante ball sponsored by the bakery industry in Vienna; a quest to meet Canada’s hottie Prime Minister at the World Economic Forum in Davos; a night stranded in Munich trying to get … Continue reading

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I am currently on a plane to Los Angeles. I am not entirely sure why.

For the last five years I’ve gone to Los Angeles every February.  That started as a fan pilgrimage to a Doctor Who con, morphed into an excuse to see friends who don’t (or no longer) live near me, and in the … Continue reading

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Sometimes we talk about…Skulls

Given that we live in different cities and only meet face to face twice a month to do work, most of Racheline’s and my communication is done via e-mail. We have efficient systems and it works really well, and what … Continue reading

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Playlist: Lake Effect

Earlier I wrote about growing up in Rochester, where “Lake Effect” is set. Today, I’m bringing you the music of the story and of Rochester, as I know it. Most of it falls somewhere in the Irish folk/pop/rock spectrum. Most of the … Continue reading

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The (un)reality of awards shows

Last week, I got to go to the Billboard Music Awards.  I’d actually never been to a broadcast awards ceremony before, and even though our Love in Los Angeles books aren’t about the music scene (although there’s a guy in … Continue reading

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Do the thing! Bite-sized pieces edition

As has been mentioned, I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Thankfully, I’ll be home Tuesday morning. Traveling is one of those things I am both very good at — I do it a lot and I haven’t gotten stranded or … Continue reading

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Giovanni’s Room

During my freshman year in college, I worked at Lambda Rising, a gay bookstore in Washington DC. I worked in the warehouse in back, fielding phones orders from guys in Alaska who would order about $300 worth of gay novels … Continue reading

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