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Where I get away with writing about Mark Strong’s hands by talking about A View from the Bridge

I was in New York City this past weekend, with Ben, because it’s our annual tradition to pick the coldest weekend of the year to go tromping around a city in the Northeast surrounded on all sides by water. (The … Continue reading

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Back in Brooklyn

After a number of misadventures in Europe (a debutante ball sponsored by the bakery industry in Vienna; a quest to meet Canada’s hottie Prime Minister at the World Economic Forum in Davos; a night stranded in Munich trying to get … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

In most of our books, Racheline and I set the action in real, tangible places. Often, we write with Google Maps open in one tab and Wikipedia in another, double-checking street names and population demographics. For Midsummer, our process was … Continue reading

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There and back again: A Los Angeles recap

The most important thing anyone really needs to know about Hollywood is that the theater that hosts the Oscars is in a mall. Really. It even has an outpost of middle-America’s goth depot, Hot Topic. Speaking of goth… despite the … Continue reading

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I am currently on a plane to Los Angeles. I am not entirely sure why.

For the last five years I’ve gone to Los Angeles every February.  That started as a fan pilgrimage to a Doctor Who con, morphed into an excuse to see friends who don’t (or no longer) live near me, and in the … Continue reading

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Do the thing! Bite-sized pieces edition

As has been mentioned, I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Thankfully, I’ll be home Tuesday morning. Traveling is one of those things I am both very good at — I do it a lot and I haven’t gotten stranded or … Continue reading

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Giovanni’s Room

During my freshman year in college, I worked at Lambda Rising, a gay bookstore in Washington DC. I worked in the warehouse in back, fielding phones orders from guys in Alaska who would order about $300 worth of gay novels … Continue reading

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