Back in Brooklyn

debutantesAfter a number of misadventures in Europe (a debutante ball sponsored by the bakery industry in Vienna; a quest to meet Canada’s hottie Prime Minister at the World Economic Forum in Davos; a night stranded in Munich trying to get to Milan; and my war with London’s District Line while saying in room number 007 at a hotel in Bayswater), I am back in the States — jet-lagged and desperately trying to catch up while Erin continues to valiantly hold down the literary fort.

But we do have some news for you:

Snare, our New York as vampire prison island novella, will be out from Torquere Press on June 22, 2016.

Season 2 of Tremontaine is underway from the writing and production side, and you’ll be able to get your hands on that this fall. Related news is also forthcoming.

londonThe Art of Three, our MMF poly triad novel set in London, Dublin, and a small town on the coast of Spain, is first-draft complete and we are now working on the second draft. We think it’s in pretty good shape, and look forward to getting that out into the next phase of the process soon.

I did also want to mention, since many of our works are fairly erotic, The Art of Three isn’t. Some of our characters work out their issues through sex, but Jamie, Callum, and Nerea — the central characters of this book — don’t center their communication problems and successes in the bedroom so we haven’t centered our writing there this time around. We also really wanted to write a poly novel that was accessible to all readers regardless of where they draw the line with heat level in their reading.

If you want to keep track of all our pending projects, don’t forget you can see a quasi-complete list here:

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