A Queen from the North on SBTB podcast

A Queen from the North just got a lovely shout out on the Smart Bitches Trashy Books Podcast episode 257queenfromebook-1.

sbtbpodcastRHG: – it was books about Edinburgh and York? Somebody recommended A Queen from the North

Sarah: Ooh!

RHG: – and I don’t have the author’s name, but you’ll find it. And it’s an alternate history in which the War of the Roses didn’t really end?

Sarah: Uh-oh!

RHG: And it’s now modern times, and the, the Prince of Wales needs a wife real fast for reasons, and he proposes to basically the last daughter of the House of York, and ridiculousness and shenanigans ensue, and it’s really, really good.

Sarah: Awesome!

RHG: I could not put it down. I was at the Tall Ships Regatta in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and I’m like, ships, or I could finish my book.

Sarah: Yep.

RHG: Ships or I could – the ships’ll be there. I need to, I need to read this for a bit. So that, that is my current recommendation.

You should check out the whole episode for hilarious tentacle talk and great recommendations (with and without tentacles)!

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