A Queen from the North gets reviewed on SBTB… and some sequel news

logo_sm.pngWoo! So first of all, the official Smart Bitches Trashy Books review is up for QFTN and it’s a very happy-making B+. I love reviews because they see things/themes in books that we don’t always see as writers.

Since, the review mentions sequel hints, and we also get asked the following things about the sequel all the time, below is some stuff:

  • queenfromebook-1Yes, the next book is about George.
  • No, it’s not a coming out story (much of that will have happened in the space between QFTN and the sequel). It’s just a romance novel. Being a witch in the ruling family of a politically unstable, superstitious, constitutional monarchy, George has other stuff going on.
  • I know George’s gq/nbness is legitimately framed as a spoiler for many readers (and that’s fine – everyone should talk about the book the way they want to talk about the book), but as a gq/nb person I’m not like super into guarding that secret, because I want people to know this character exists and also that narrative isn’t about what can sometimes feel to nb/gq people like a cis/het concern about deception.
  • We will address some more what’s up with Ireland some in this book, but that will be the main focus of the third book.
  • Yes, more politics throughout.
  • Yes, more magic.
  • More biiiiiiiiiiiiiiirds.
  • Timeline in terms of when it’ll be done? We have no idea. We think it’ll be easier to write than the first one (which was not easy to write) but we’ll see?
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