Tremontaine 2.8: A Rushing of Wings

Writing and editing on season 2 of Tremontaine wrapped the same day as my episode of the season (“A Rushing of Wings,” written with Paul Witcover) went live. Our episode features a road trip, a highwayman, a rescue attempt, and a creepy bird — as you do.

tremontaine28In a city that never was, sex, scandal, and swordplay combine in a melodrama of manners that takes readers to a world inspired by Elizabethan London, 18th century Paris, and 1980s New York City. Sexuality is fluid, politics is everything, and outcasts are the tastemakers. Intrigue is afoot when a Duchess, a scholar, a swordswoman, and a genius, are brought together by long-buried lies and truths that cannot be denied.

Season 2 of Tremontaine began October 19, but there’s still plenty of time to catch up on season 1 or subscribe to season 2.

Written by: Ellen Kushner, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Joel Derfner, Racheline Maltese, Paul Witcover, Tessa Gratton, and Mary Anne Mohanraj.

Find out more at or grab “A Rushing of Wings” directly from Amazon (or tons of other distributors).

Meanwhile, the print edition of season 1 is coming May 2017!

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