Re-release news: Off-Kilter and Sample & Hold

offkilterWe’ve continuing our re-release adventures thanks to our rights return from Torquere (need details on why that happened, please check Writer Beware)

“Off-Kilter” is our sweet (no cursing, no sex, some kissing) M/M (with an F/F b-plot) Scottish dance story! It’s just $.99 on Amazon and we’ll be adding it to more distributors soon.

sampleMeanwhile, “Sample & Hold” is an M/M first-time story set
on the eve of young musicians greatest triumph. It’s definitely not sweet, so if you’re looking for a hotter short read, that’s your best pick. You can pre-order it now for $.99 and it will be delivered to your device on January 3, 2017. We’ll be adding it to more distributors soon.

Stay tuned, we’ll have more re- and new-release details coming soon!

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