Starling’s back!

starling_newStarling (Love in Los Angeles Book 1) was the first novel we wrote together. Now, three years later, we’re re-publishing it. It’s been freshly edited and has a gorgeous new cover, and is finally the book we always wanted it to be.

It’ll be out on Valentine’s Day 2017, but you can preorder it now.

Hollywood’s newest star, 21-year-old J. Alex Cook never wanted to be famous, he just wanted to get out of Indiana. When he hooks up with Paul, a writer on a hit TV show, Alex is thrown into a web of relationships involving friends, lovers, and everything in between.

Forced to figure out what it means to live — and love — in the public eye, Alex’s quest to find his own happily ever after will make you believe love is possible… even in Los Angeles.

(Please note: There are currently Starling paperbacks listed on Amazon. These have not been revised, and we have not received contracted royalties for them from our publisher. We will have paperbacks of the new edition above available on Amazon and with other retailers when the ebook releases. But, if you’d like a paperback of the original edition, please visit our new online shop at

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