Torquere sale… especially on Snare preorders

Below there is a whole thing description of discounts, but it got confusing to implement, so now it’s just 30% off with code memorial2016. 

Snare is going to retail for $3.49 when it’s released on June 22, 2016. But right now everything on Torquere’s site has been marked down 20%, which means it’s $2.79.

And then you can use the code preorder15 for another 15% off the sale price, which means you can get it for $2.37.  Preorder will be up on Amazon and other distributors soon, but this is the biggest discount we currently know about being scheduled. It will remain in place through Tuesday, May 31.

Snare_coverNYC: Death. Taxes. Vampires.

When Elliot Iverson, a municipal employee responsible for paperwork pertaining to New York City’s vampire population, knocks on the door of the Gramercy warren, he wants only to resolve a clerical error. But a sudden snowstorm, a new friendship, and an ill-advised threesome force Elliot to make some big choices about his own life and death.

More info on Snare:

To buy Snare:

(Also all our other titles with Torquere can be seen here:

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