Hi there. How are you holding up?

It’s been a pretty difficult week in the world, and we’ve been quiet. While we’ve continued to engage in life as usual with our writing and our partners, we haven’t really been chock full of nonfiction words.

Lots of other people have though, and if you’re up to it, we hope you’ll read some of the excellent work out there related to both the Orlando mass shooting at a gay club’s Latin night and the murder of a British MP by a neo-Nazi sympathizer. There is, we believe, no way not to politicize these killings, because these killings were inherently political.

As always we encourage people to research, register, and vote their conscience wherever and whenever they can. We also hope everyone can and does take whatever time for self- and community care available to them.

We’ll resume with the usual business about here sometime tomorrow.


Racheline & Erin

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