Cover reveal and content information for Snare


New York City’s only constants: Death. Taxes. Vampires.

We now have a cover for Snare, which will be out from Torquere Press on June 22, 2016. To my utter delight, we’re seeing a lot of interest in it from all sorts of different readers and placces. But, since it’s such a strange novella (it’s just under 30,000 and while we hope to compile it with some other material into a paperback edition eventually, this release is ebook only), I wanted people to know a little bit about what’s in it, so it’s easier to decide if it’s the right book for you.

Snare is definitely a love story. It is probably not a romance. The ending is somewhat ambiguous and may not be viewed by most readers as our protagonists making the best choices.

While plot-heavy, it has a lot of sex between men driving that plot. Not more than the recent shifter anthology story, but definitely on a level with Starling and Phoenix (not on a level with Doves, which we tend to get “oh my god that scene” emails about).

While the sex is initially consensual, there’s some vampire biting that isn’t that happens during said sex – and then there’s even an argument between later in the story consent and what consent even means. Please be aware. There are definitely going to be characters in this story who don’t share your values or definitions.

This story is also non-monogamous.

And yes, this story really is about paperwork and bureaucracy. Yes, it’s really inspired by a single historic apartment building on Grammercy Park. And yes, it’s my favorite, favorite world-building I’ve ever been involved in, because it’s strangely, strangely personal to me.

It’s not overtly horror (I mean, other than vampires) but I recently described this story as slow, creeping horror wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket. If we did our jobs right, this story makes a lot of things seem super charming that are actually the stuff of nightmare if you sit with them.

Also, hey, it’s written in the present tense, which I know irks some readers. About half our stuff is present tense. If we’ve written something in the present tense, that’s usually because it’s actually about death.(Go freak out, Love in Los Angeles fans, because yup, death death death). Sometimes our stories have death in them, but they’re not about death. But yo. Vampires. About death. Present tense.

Snare is also kind of funny. Because hey it’s us. We like farce.

If you have any questions about Snare, do just let us know. I just don’t want people to be surprised by the consent issues, the level of sexual content, the lack of a traditional HEA, or all the paperwork.

Pre-orders on the Torquere website will be available soonish, and then pre-orders on other sites will happen a bit closer to the release date.

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