Free Read: Alex and Gemma in L.A.

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Takes place before the beginning of Starling (Love in Los Angeles Book 1)

Over many emails and Skype calls Gemma gathered the impression that Alex is athletic, far too brilliant for his tiny hometown, and relentlessly determined to get out of said hometown. It turns out that in person Alex is tiny, disarmingly sly, and completely useless.  To the extent that it doesn’t make Gemma want to beat her head into the uneven door jam of their terrible new apartment they pay for in cash, she finds it kind of endearing.  But mostly Alex is a disaster.

It’s not just that he doesn’t have a bank account or understand why she’s so insistent that he open one.  It’s that he doesn’t know how to do anything.  Gemma has to show him how to use public transit because she’d like to go out and get a drink with him somewhere that isn’t their sketchtastic neighborhood, and it’s not like either of them can afford to take a cab.

Unfortunately, it takes them very little time to discover that nowhere will serve them that isn’t in their sketchtastic neighborhood.

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