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free2readIf you for some reason have been poking around the site recently, you may have have noticed that we’ve updated our books pages. Our newest addition is a Free Reads section, which you can get to from the ‘Books and More’ menu up at the top of the site. This section is going to be home to a lot of bonus content and extras from all of our books. And now, we’re going to begin publishing back-dated exclusive stories from our newsletters. These stories won’t be published on the blog until about three months after they go out in a newsletter, so if you don’t want to wait that long, you can always sign up for our newsletter here.

And now, our first free read, from way back in April 2015. Happy reading (and to those of you on the US East Coast – happy Snowzilla!)

The Fourth Estate Pilot Party. Liam has a plan. Sort of.
Set prior to Starling (LiLA Book 1)

The pilot wrap party is long and ridiculous.  Victor doesn’t let masses of people into his home often, but these events are an exception — tradition and luck and thank you all at once.

Invariably, people stay over.  Someone passes out drunk in a lounger not too close to the pool.  Someone else takes a couch, and will hopefully vacate before the rest of the house wakes in the morning.  The guest bedrooms exist for a reason.  And when Victor retreats upstairs to his own room…

There usually isn’t someone in it.  But Liam has been making eyes at him all night, and now they’re apparently going to have to have this conversation, which is more unappealing for the fact that it is late, and Victor is tired, and he hates other people in his bedroom.

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