Happy New Year and the State of the Union

Sorry, political puns. It’s that time of year.

We hope you all had a happy and healthy new year! Erin and I were both travelling — her, back and forth to Rochester for the holidays and a wedding, and me from New York to Ohio to Florida for the same. On Saturday I leave for a month in Europe for my day job, including some research trips elsewhere in Europe.

Meanwhile, we have the following news to report:

Starling CoverThe paperback of Starling is on sale for 65% off. That’s right, you can get the nice shiny trade paperback for less than the cost of a mass market edition. This is one of those random Amazon sale situations and we don’t know how long it will last. http://www.amazon.com/Starling-Love-Angeles-Racheline-Maltese/dp/1610408055

Next, we expect to have a specific releas34-gramercy-park-e_viewe date for Snare, our melancholy gay romance about an alternate New York City that was founded as a vampire prison island, Real Soon Now. Until we announce that, just consider it mid-2016 for this novella.

TremontaineTremontaine continues to tick along, with episode 10 due out this week. Since it’s a done thing in SF/F circles to note what you’ve written that is award eligible during the season, each individual episode is eligible in the Novelette category of the Hugos if you’re a voting member of the convention (I’m not sure what, if anything, the whole season as a single entity is eligible for). I also have to note that Heather Hogan is not only a fan, she even made a Glee joke in a recent review of it; those of you that know how Erin and I started working together, or just how often Hogan and I have agreed (and disagreed!) on Glee will probably be as tickled as me!

A Queen from the North, our contemporary royal romance about a world where the rivalries between the houses of York and Lancaster were never resolved by the War of the Roses, is in the submission process and we hope to have news about it sometime this quarter.

Currently, we’re working on something – an MMF poly-triad romance with a 48-year old heroine, a lot of farce, and a couple of pregnancies – set in London and Spain. It doesn’t even have a working title yet! I recently put out a call on Twitter, and got some great leads I need to follow up with, but I’ll repeat this query here — if you know anything about supportive housing for people with Downs Syndrome in Ireland, please send up a flair. One of the heroes in this story has a sister with a job, a boyfriend, and Downs and we need to get some logistics right.

What’s after all that?  Well, Cardinal, which some of you got a peak at in the most recent edition of our monthly newsletter; an M/F romance about two publishing industry executives on a 30-day romp through Italy; and a couple of unrelated to each other very queer spy novels (is there any other kind?). And no, we haven’t forgotten about Love’s Labours! We do have book three in progress, but are currently strategizing some timing and other issues around it, in part to make sure we can offer you a paperback collection of those novellas (if you’ve read Midsummer and or Twelfth Night, please leave a review on Amazon, that helps expand our options!)

We’ll also be attending a number of book fairs and other events this year, which we’ll announce soon.

So what’s up with you?

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