Free Read: Alex Learns to Rock Climb

free2readLiam can never take him anywhere.

Originally published in our June 2015 newsletter

Alex hates network parties.  Everyone has to pretend they’re like some sort of reward, but they’re really just another dumb — and time consuming — marketing thing he has to be a part of. If he were farther down the food chain, like the PA he should still be, and lucky enough to score an invite, he’d be a lot more enthused.  The free food and drink situation is epic even if the carts with the multiple flavors of artisanal popcorn are sort of weird and excessive.

“Please tell me we don’t have to stay long,” Alex says through his teeth as he and Paul smile for a staff photographer. He feels guilty for his misery, because Paul should, absolutely, be taking this opportunity to network.

“We don’t have to do anything,” Paul says.  “In fact, you can even leave early if you want.”

“I can, but it’s more fun if you come with.”

“Well, you try to have fun; I’ll try to be bored, and maybe we’ll sync up,” Paul says.

Alex elbows him half-heartedly.  Paul’s the only one who can tease him like this, but he’s still not entirely sure he likes it.

“Oh, hey, climbing wall,” Alex says at the exact same moment Paul points out that one of the popcorn carts has some in a sickly pink color that’s supposed to be guava.  Alex can’t escape fast enough.

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