The magic and witchery of cowriting – and what we do with it

Doves dreams are dangerousCowriting is difficult. Finding someone who’s interested in telling the same sorts of stories, with the same kind of intensity as you, can sometimes feel impossible. But when it works and we’re working in sync with someone else, to tell this story that our brains are somehow united in telling, is completely magical. But the frequency with which Racheline and I not only care about the same things, but in fact conceive of the exact same personality and physical description for a character, has gotten positively spooky.

For example: Racheline will be sending me pictures, without any commentary, of people who look a little like Alex, one of our protagonists in our Love in Los Angeles series. I’ll reply to one picture with “Like this guy, but the ears are different,” or “Like this one, but the mouth is wrong.” And every time Racheline will reply with “Well yes, of course.”

Perhaps our favorite instance of this, though, was the time with the cat.

Read more at We Are Infinite.

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