When writing contemporary romance means predicting the future (and wishing we hadn’t).

StarlingNYETo a large extent, Racheline and I try not to predict the future when we write Love in Los Angeles. A lot of times, that can be hard. Love in Los Angeles is ultimately going to be a six-book series that spans multiple generations of Paul and Alex’s family. That requires reaching into the future and, occasionally, back into the past. And writing lgbtq romance, when the American political landscape on the issue is changing so rapidly, makes that kind of tricky. Racheline and I need to keep a map around of which states have marriage equality this week, because it keeps changing. And when Indiana — the state Alex is from — passed marriage equality last year, we had to stop and reconsider what that event, which we hadn’t planned on happening, would mean for Alex at this point in his life. Trying to predict what’s going to happen when, whether it’s six months or six years down the line, usually brings us more grief than it’s worth, so mostly we just try not to.

And sometimes, we try really, really hard to not predict the future.

Read more at Two Men Are Better Than One.

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