Paul, Alex, and Liam: A love triangle, or not a love triangle?

StarlingNYEWe were surprised when, in the reader response to Starling, we heard from a lot of people who said they really enjoyed the Alex/Paul/Liam love triangle. We absolutely adore the Alex/Liam relationship in all its forms, and to be entirely fair, Paul has some real issues about Alex and Liam’s history. But we hadn’t really ever thought of that relationship as part of a love triangle. After all, Alex ends Starling really solidly with Paul.

But as we heard from more and more people about the awesome love triangle, we asked ourselves — is that really what it is? In Starling, Alex and Liam’s relationship is a strong and emotional mid-game pairing, but Alex and Paul are endgame. Certainly, Alex isn’t torn in any conventional sense by having to choose between his love for Liam and his love for Paul.

But his relationship with Liam really is very intense, and in both Starling and Doves — regardless of whether they’re spending time in bed with each other or not — it makes up a very big part of both Alex and Liam’s emotional landscapes.

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