The B in LGBTQ+: Bisexuality in Love in Los Angeles


When Racheline and I started diving into the online romance community while we were writing the first book of the Love in Los Angeles, Starling,  we were surprised to find debates raging online about bisexuality in M/M (or for that matter, M/F) books. We were told countless times that readers who pick up a “gay romance book” don’t want to see women in that book — and especially don’t want to see that woman in a relationship or having sex with a bisexual male character. And readers of the M/F genre really aren’t interested in a bisexual character that has any sort of homosexual relationships.

To some extent, we’ve seen that anecdata pan out in discussion threads on various social media. Although, to be fair we’ve also seen exactly the opposite — people looking for books about people who are, at least a little bit, like us.

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