Pssst, want a sneak peek at Phoenix?

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So, Doves is now out, and we know it’s a ways til Phoenix comes out June 10th. Did you read Doves? Do you want to talk about it? Do you not want to wait til summer to get a Love in Los Angeles fix?

Well, you’re in luck. This week, if you review Doves, you’ll get an exclusive first look at the full first two chapters of Phoenix, and a little bit of Chapter 3 (We can’t give you all of Chapter 3, because, well…spoilers). You’ll get to see Alex in Australia, Liam keeping…busy, while he’s gone, and, once he’s back, Paul and Alex celebrating him being home for the first time in six months.

All you have to do is leave an honest review on Amazon and send us the link to it (at — and we’ll send you Phoenix Chapters 1, 2, and that bit of 3 (Note: we’re still in the final editorial process there, so all mistakes are ours).

If you’ve already left a review and want a peek, no problem, just send us the link to that!

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