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Adventures in branding: Mc before Ma, except after….

One of the most common questions Erin and I get about co-writing involves our egos. Or, more bluntly, how do we keep from killing each other. Despite, I think, both of us being very ego-driven and easily-bruised people (even if … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: Lake Effect (Something a little different!)

Another Sunday, another week of¬†Sneak Peek Sunday, a romance writer blog hop.¬†Follow the link back to see what other authors are working on this week (please note that participating authors write in all genres and at all heat levels). We … Continue reading

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Class announcement: Collaborative Writing

As we’ve mentioned before, Erin and I get a lot of questions about how this co-writing thing works. If you’re interested in the logistical and creative process of doing the co-author thing in the romance novel space, we’ll be teaching … Continue reading

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What’s the time difference between D.C. and Pretoria?

The things cowriting makes you Google, or at least glance at a map for. (The answer, by the way, is six hours, which tends to be a really good spread for us.) Racheline’s going to South Africa in May for … Continue reading

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