A few small updates….

Ancient Rivalry.Modern Romance..pngThe big sale on A Queen from the North, may be over, but if you missed it, you can still get it at a discounted $2.99 for a limited time. What better way to celebrate the royal baby and wedding? (By the way, what do we think about the baby name? Louis Arthur Charles? It all feels very French and tragic.) Additionally, a big thank you to everyone who recently picked up the book and already read and reviewed. Reviews make a huge difference to an author, and seeing those numbers tick up means the world.

Gold6 copyWe’re getting much closer to Erin and I embarrassing ourselves on the ice. Assuming we get there, this will happen in DC and/or NYC in August as best fits with some road trip action we have going on. At least four friends have volunteered to video tape this so far.

Finally, we love international settings and we love our international readers — many of whom are Kobo users. If you’re a Kobo user, keep an eye out. Several of our books, including The Art of Three and Midsummer have been chosen to be a part of international promotions in various Kobo markets over the next month, and there might be some good deals out there for you!

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