So about that thing we left open at the end of The Art of Three

The Art of Three was always intended as a standalone book. Because we love the characters, we do have some thoughts on a possible sequel (that is not disrupting the happy triad in any way, don’t worry — we’re all about the cozy here), but we did want to address one big giant spoiler thing, and why we left it open. It wasn’t for a sequel.

Because Down syndrome is such an important part of the story, both in Aofie’s happily ever after and in Nerea’s concerns about her pregnancy, we realized that we wanted readers to feel that everyone got a perfect happily ever after regardless of whether Nerea’s baby was born with or without Down syndrome or medical concerns due to her advanced maternal age.

All wanted babies are awesome babies. Nerea and Callum and Jamie have a baby and it makes them happy and we thought to say “what type of baby” (to use the phrase they use in the big argument about the pregnancy) might frame some babies as happier outcomes than other babies. That just wasn’t an option for us. None of our characters are disappointed with the baby they get. All the babies in this book are happy wanted babies who are going to have great lives.

P.S., Nerea’s baby is a boy named Eammon.

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