The Art of Three: “achingly lovely” & “absolutely should not miss”

artofWe’re just four days away from The Art of Three and we have a lot of thanking and flailing to do, meaning there are some early reviews we’re thrilled to tell you about:

First, you can take a look at what people are saying on Goodreads:

“Achingly lovely… likely one of the best books I’ll read all year.”
– 5*, Michelle Osgood, author of The Better to Kiss You With

“Real and emotional and funny and on-point and extremely well-written.”
– Anna Zabo, author of Takeover

“…touching, sweet, romantic and thought provoking….”
– 5*, Mary Lynde, Goodreads Reviewer

Additionally, From Top to Bottom Reviews also has a great write up today, saying, “So to conclude: The Art of Three is a fantastic story with amazing characters, great bi- and poly-representation, you absolutely should not miss.”

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