Tremontaine S1 is a Locus 2016 Recommended Read!

issue02_499x648-231x300tremontaine_s1_printWe’re very pleased to note that Tremontaine S1, out in paperback  and hardcover from SAGA Press in May 2017 and already available digitally from Serial Box Publishing, has made Locus’s annual list of recommended reads compiled by editors, reviewers, and other SFF professionals!

You can see the whole list here: and remember to join our mailing list to get a chance to win an a paperback ARC in the February newsletter (coming out this weekend).

(Yes, this is the 2016 list. Yes, it’s just been released. Yes, Tremontaine S1 came out in 2015/2016 and it’s now 2017 and that’s when the paper editions will be out, it’s super complicated, but the whole Tremontaine is super grateful to get the rec despite the calendar complications we pose!)

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