Newsletter news!

ravenclippyIn July, our monthly newsletter is going to come out a little late! Instead of showing up in your email box on July 1, it’s going to show up on July 5.


Well, we’re making some stylistic changes.

We’re also writing a little prequel for you to A Queen from the North focusing on George, the teenage, genderqueer court witch who plays a supporting role in the novel and will be front and center for her own romantic adventure in a future book.

Never fear, Love in Los Angeles fans. We’re working on a little treat for you too.

And if we can make everything work exactly as we want it to (stay tuned on that) there may be additional freebie news too.

So if there was ever a time to subscribe, this is it. You can do that here:

As ever, we only email you once a month and we’ll never share your information with anyone or add you to any other lists

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