Whitehall launches May 18, 2016!

whitehall_episode_1_cover.jpgWhile I’m hard at work on season 2 of Tremontaine as both a writer and producer, I’ve also been producing (no words from me on this one) Whitehall from Serial Box Publishing.

Created by Liz Duffy Adams and written by her, Delia Sherman, Barbara Samuel, Madeleine Robins, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Sarah Smith, Whitehall is set in the 17th century court of King Charles II and focuses on his queen, Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza.

Her journey to find her place as the foreign wife in a court riddled with political and religious intrigue – not to mention the many mistresses of Charles the “Merry Monarch” – is a tale of perseverance only a true queen could endure. Love mingles with betrayal before a sensual renaissance of art, culture, and sex in this lush historical serial.

She who would be queen must win the love of a king—and a country.

For obvious reasons, I love this — romance, examination of relationship structures, formal manners, politics, and the endurance of women. If you’re obsessed with the stuff I’m obsessed with, you’ll be obsessed with Whitehall too.

You can read an exclusive excerpt at Romantic Times and subscribe at SerialBox.com. The serial’s 13 episodes will also be available in ebook and audio from all the major online retailers you probably tend to shop at.

“Where’s a ‘Downton Abbey’ fan to go these days for serialized doses of historical drama? Dear Reader, consider ‘Whitehall.’ With each new installment, this grandly entertaining serial will tighten its hold on you. Irresistible!
– Louis Bayard, author of The Pale Blue Eye and the “Downton Abbey” recaps for The New York Times

“Richly detailed, with real-life historical characters who leap off the page, Whitehall is compulsively readable and thoroughly addictive.”
– Megan Chance, author of Inamorata

“Whitehall’s English King Charles II is the kind of Bad Boy we all want: a walking sex god with a heart of gold and a secret grief . . . Fans of everything from Dorothy Dunnett to Hilary Mantel will love this witty mix of sex, scandal and intrigue.”
– Ellen Kushner, author of Swordspoint and creator of Tremontaine

“Deftly balances the pleasures of glamour and intrigue with insight into these fascinating people, most of all Queen Catherine.”
– Gordon Dahlquist, The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

“Sweeps the reader back to a time when the fate of kingdoms hung on royal subterfuge that was carried out as much within bedrooms as within the court… a captivating and suspenseful tale.”
– Mark Tompkins, author of The Last Days of Magic

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