A Queen from the North finds a home!

So, ages ago, Erin and I wrote a really weird book for really weird reasons. It’s an M/F low-heat contemporary royal romance, and for that, is super super mainstream. Twenty-something girl whose life is a disaster meets heir to the throne. Yay!

But it’s also set in a not-so-United Kingdom where the wounds of the War of the Roses have never healed; features Anne Boleyn’s great great (etc) genderqueer granddaughter as the court witch; and contains raven prophecies, a state visit to Canada (and accompanying relationship meltdown in a Tim Hortons), lesbians in the House of Lords, a hot gay bodyguard, and a best friend who defends the princess-to-be from the paparazzi with her flipflops. Also lots and lots of horses.

It is the weirdest thing we’ve ever written.

And because we really really want to do a related book about George (said genderqueer great great (etc) granddaughter of Anne Boleyn who is a supporting character only in this book) and want to do something incredibly nervy with the world-building as the series goes on, it’s going to Torquere, because they’re willing to let us do all those things.


A widowed prince in need of an heir,
a not-so-United Kingdom in need of healing,
and an ancient prophecy that still lingers in the modern world
… are about to conspire to make Lady Amelia Kirkham A Queen from the North.

Coming 2017 from Torquere Press.

I posted the above on Tumblr, and got lots of enthusiasm (unexpected! delightful! yes!) and people want to know how they could be notified when the book comes out. My suggestion is you join our mailing list (either fill out the little box at right or go to http://eepurl.com/65dMz).

You will get email from us once a month, but that’s all. We won’t give your info to anyone else. And you can always sign up with a pseudonymous identity – we don’t need your real name, just an email address that works! We have a few other titles coming out before AQftN, but the response has been so significant that we’re going to put a sneak peak of it in our newsletter that is going out June 1; we hope to have release date news by then too.

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