Cover reveal: Exchange of Power / “The Hart and the Hound”

exchangeofpowerOn September 16, our shifter novelette, “The Hart and the Hound” will be out as part of the Exchange of Power anthology from Torquere Press. This anthology contains both M/M and F/F stories.

Exchange: the act of giving or taking one thing in return for another. Power: the ability or right to control people or things

In matters of the heart, what happens when there’s an exchange of power, even for just one night?

Both veteran and new authors make up the eleven stories about the power shift between Doms/subs, vampires/werewolves, teacher/apprentice, Alpha/beta, Necromancer/zombie, superhero/arch nemesis, and incubus/medium.

In “The Hart and the Hound” Henry, a deer shifter and lead stag of his herd, encounters Davey, a wounded beta dog shifter from a dangerous pack. They form an unlikely alliance to protect their people and each other from Davey’s ex, the pack’s ill-tempered alpha.

You’ll be able to buy this story as either an ebook standalone, or as part of the whole anthology in ebook or paperback. Pre-order for the whole anthology ebook is now available here:

Other options for both the whole anthology and the individual story will be available later this month.

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