Love in Los Angeles: Phoenix playlists

phoenixAs we’ve done for each of the other Love in Los Angeles books, Phoenix has a playlist. Unlike the first two books, we didn’t point people to that playlist in advance of Phoenix‘s release because so much of that playlist felt ridiculously spoilery to us (not that we were really hiding that Phoenix contains a death; it’s in the blurb).

Now that people who have been following the series from the beginning have read the book, we did want to mention that this playlist exists and you can snag it here:

Actual spoilers from Phoenix about who kicks it and another playlist below the cut.

We’ve made no secret that writing Phoenix was hard.  It had to be just right, and it had to make people feel sad about the death of a character many readers actively despised. It was also personal.

I describe Victor as myself without a middle — just all the best and worst of me.  I also recognize Victor, who is (among other things) a character that actually came out of a dream I had before Erin and I ever even started writing Starling, as the cheerleader and fixer and confidante and mentor Erin and I often feel like we need, but never get to have, because this is real life and we have to do and do for ourselves.

So we were emotional.  A lot. When working on Phoenix.

Which is why we have the quietly named V/L playlist which we just listened to on repeat when we had to write sad Victor/Liam things.  Now you too can join us in the wallow:

For those who need more Victor (who we can’t bear to give up either), we can promise you two Victor-heavy things will eventually be in your hands — Alex and Paul’s wedding, which features a lot of Victor, Liam, Carly, Darcy, and Gemma; and a Nigel and Victor novella.  We really want to get Cardinal, book 4 in the LiLA series done first though.

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