Getting in over our (and our characters’) heads

room2014Room 1024 is about two couples negotiating their lives and partnerships within the familiar — to them — structure of BDSM relationships. But as much as BDSM provides Cam and Noah, and Lou and Stephen, a framework for their responsibilities and commitments, in Room 1024, pretty much everyone is in over their heads.

Cam doesn’t expect to run into Lou, his former dom. Lou doesn’t expect to feel uncertain about the end of his and Cam’s relationship years before. Noah really, really wants to explore non-monogamy with his boyfriend Cam. but isn’t quite sure if Cam is making choices that are good for either of them.

Which means that readers don’t have to be into BDSM — either the community structure, or the leather aspect of it — to find a relatable story in Room 1024. For those who are into collars and floggers, there are those elements, to be sure. But what Room 1024 is really about is people completely out of their depths, in ways they never anticipated being. And together, Cam, Noah, Lou, and Stephen, have to work together to figure out whether, and how, they are going to move forward, together.

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