Coming May 2015 — Midsummer

Midsummer_FINALMidsummer, a May/December, gay-for-you backstage romance. Coming from Dreamspinner Press, May 2015.

Like our Love in Los Angeles series, Midsummer is a backstage story. But it’s a very different one.

When John heads to Virginia to play Oberon in The Theater in the Woods’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the last thing he expects is to become captivated by the actor playing Puck.  It’s not just that John is recovering from a recent divorce precipitated by a personal tragedy two years earlier; it’s that John, up until now, has never found himself attracted to men.

While his interest in Michael may be a surprise, it’s the first good one John has had in a while, and they begin a torrid affair that quickly becomes the talk of the summer stock season.

But when Michael finds a skull in the lake on the theater grounds, John is forced to explain their relationship to the local police. The discussion exposes cracks in their relationship related to gay identity and politics.

As they muddle through these concerns, in part with a successful date at Richmond, VA gay bar, the tragedy in John’s past eventually comes to light.  Incensed that John had not told him this key detail of his history and worried that he’s just a mid-life crisis or rebound relationship, Michael breaks off the affair.

John is gutted and utilizes his friendships with the rest of the theatrical troupe to find out more about Michael’s own history in order to win him back.

Michael, it turns out, has a family secret of his own….

Pre-order coming in April!

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