Avian30 at Harper Collins Romance Festival 2015

This past weekend, Racheline were on Harper Collins’s Romance Festival 2015. The festival is in celebration of all things romance and erotica, and this year, with Valentine’s Day coming up, there was a special focus on all the different forms love and relationships take.

For our part, we wrote about polyamory and romance, and about making relationships work no matter how many people are involved:

Love triangles are a long-standing trope, not just in romance but in all sorts of entertainment. There are good reasons for this. They are compelling. They are easy to understand. And they hit our buttons about being competitive, about winning, and about being chosen.

But what if love triangle stories weren’t about having to choose? What if they were about trying to make the triangle work?

Our romances often feature polyamorous relationships. Frequently, we include polyamory in the b-plot involving secondary characters as a way of providing impetus for our main couples to examine monogamy and decide if it’s the right choice for them. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t.

This engenders a range of reactions to our work: Some positive, some intrigued, and some very much opposed.  That’s okay, because we’re all looking for different things not just when we read, but when we imagine happily ever after.

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