Starling now available in paperback!

Starling CoverAmazon US $14.96

Barnes & Noble $15.25

These are both discounts from the list price of $15.95.  There may be future discounts, which we almost never know about in advance and can’t predict.

This has just gone up at both sites.  So the book cover (which you know) and the full description isn’t in yet.  Our own copies are due to come today from the publisher.  We assume these distributors will also be receiving and placing into their warehouses copies today.  As it says, in a day or two, delivery will be sped up!

The book is also now listed on international Amazon’s as out of stock.  The book is on its way to the international distributors.  You can order now, and they should have them to ship to you soon.

Similarly, it will be available through non-Amazon, non-B&N distributors soon.

If you would like to order a copy through a physical store or for a library, the paperback ISBN-10 is 1610408055 and the ISBN-13 is 978-1610408059.

If you’ve got any questions, let us know, and I’ll see what we can do.  We’re pretty ecstatic that a) this is here and that b) Doves comes out in ebook right before the SAG awards and in paperback right before Valentine’s Day.

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