Do the Thing! Last Minute Edition

Do the thingOnce again, getting this in under the wire, because it’s apparently just this kind of month.

W’re always busy, but now that Starling is out, we’re starting to wind up for the release of Doves in January, and have a full slate of projects to keep us occupied through the end of the year, the busy is reaching new levels.

But we’re also external-deadline-free for a couple of weeks, and can more or less work on whatever we want for now. And while we have plenty we want to do, there’s some things we’re really obsessed with that we’re thrilled to actually focus on.

So what’s your thing this week that you’re just loving working on, no matter how slowly, and even if it’s just in odd moments at the bus stop or on your lunch break? Tell us your favorite current Thing, and we’ll send all our good wishes your way while we work on ours.

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