Did the Thing! – September edition

didthethingThe last Friday of the month came and went, and we forgot to put up Did the Thing!

While we’re big fans of reminding people of just how fan being punctual and professional can get you — because so many people just aren’t — the reality is sometimes, we’re just not.  We’re sorry you got caught up in it this week.

But, the post is now here, you should brag, and you should brag even about that stuff that didn’t go perfectly, didn’t get delivered on time, or isn’t finished yet. Are you making progress? Are you doing your best?  You deserve to congratulate yourself for the parts of that that are good, even as you try to do the thing more or better for next time.

Some come on, tell us why your imperfect awesomeness!


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4 Responses to Did the Thing! – September edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    This month I finally got a full time job after nearly four months of intermittent temp work. I also made a decision to buckle down and finsh the novel I’ve been poking at for not quite a year. Pribably ill-advised, as I’m writing quick and dirty for a call that closes on Nov. 1, but I won’t know if I can do it if I don’t try, right?

    • erincmcrae says:

      We are such a fan of quick and dirty writing (the current state of Book 4, oh my god) and you’ll amaze yourself with what you can get done. Congrats on the job as well!!

  2. Anton says:

    I ran for an hour and forty minutes tonight. It hurt and I sort of wanted to just give up and die around mile five. But I did it, and it was more than I’ve ever run before. I’ve also somehow managed to do a ridiculous amount of writing in the past month. I feel a confidence in it that I haven’t felt ever before.

  3. mwinikates says:

    I started facing the realities of the condo hunting-and-buying process, including researching what I need to pre-qualify for a mortgage and buckling down and starting to look at a budget and realistic down payment. So terrifying on a non-profit salary, but I really want to be able to live in my own space.

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