Starling: 16 days

erinpostcards Over the weekend, Erin & I had a 14-hour writing marathon session at our Philadelphia office. After which, I had an amazing misadventure with Greyhound.

But the work day included detailed planning/scheduling of posts we need to write for the Starling blog tour, very final adjustments on a manuscript that’s going on this coming weekend, some key refocusing on the current novel, brain storming for a short we plan to crank out in the next two weeks, and a bit of chatter about a possible NaNo project we’re planning to do far more in public than we generally conduct our writing processes.  We also received the contract on something we’re really excited postcardabout but still can’t disclose the details on yet.

Those of you who follow us on other social media may have also seen that we received some of our Starling promotional materials.  Our postcards arrived, as well as a test-run at magnets (the magnets are going to be revised a bit before we place a larger order).  Buttons with some of Starling‘s particularly vivid quotes are also in the works. magnet

We have a two quotes selected for those already (Dead and famous! and I totally care about hot tubs), but want to add a few more, and will be asking for reader suggestions once you can get your hands on the book in about 16 days.

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3 Responses to Starling: 16 days

  1. J.L. Douglas says:

    I feel like I need those magnets. If only so I can read your book and then say “so I dove into M/M erotica for the first time and ALSO I got this awesome magnet!”

  2. Email us your address and we will send you one of the proto-type magnets (read: not completely legible!)

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