Torquere Twitter takeover tonight (and other news)

Tuesday night (June 24, 2014) from 8 – 10pm EST, Erin and I are taking over Torquere’s twitter account.  While you can always bother us at our individual Twitters (@erincmcrae & @racheline_m), please come play with us.  We’ll be tagging tweets with #rm or #em so it’s not just creepy hive-mind action. We’ll be talking “Lake Effect,” Starling, and our process, and we want your questions!

Meanwhile, there is still time to enter the contest to name the LGBT romance reading at Stonewall on October 7th. Please remember that the combined group of writers have been published at at least 5 different presses in the genre, so we may not want to include any reference to specific presses in the name.  I know, that makes it harder, because all the presses have great names to work with!  And yes, you can enter more than once.  Unless you’re Erin’s dad.  Because if you’re Erin’s dad you can’t win; blah blah blah demon porn.

Additionally, remember when we had that interview with Alex from Starling at the RWA-NYC blog?  An interview with Starling‘s other hero, Paul, should be up tomorrow!

We’ll also be announcing the winner of the Summer Lovin’ blog hop tour prize in the next couple of days, and this Friday the June Did the Thing! post will go up, so be sure to stop by and celebrate your accomplishments.

Finally, in non-romance news, Racheline has new pop-culture anthology news over of

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