Move over, report card: My romance novel cover is on my parents’ fridge

yourmomAnd today we bring you the latest installment of Your Mom! Which we may have to expand to Your Parents! or Your Other Blood or Chosen Family Members Who Bring You Both Embarassment and Joy! because my father is hilarious, very sweet, and won’t stop emailing us both about the demons.

But yesterday I got an email from dad, not about the demons (“No but what’s up with the tails?” “DAD. DAD, WE WRITE ROMANCE NOVELS. DAD IT’S DEMON PORN. DAD, DON’T MAKE ME TALK ABOUT THIS WITH YOU.”)


Yup, that’s my parents’ fridge. And yup, those are our covers for “Lake Effect” (which comes out on the 18th from Torquere!) and Starling. Racheline’s piece from Salon is up there, too!

So that’s epically awesome. And when I asked Racheline if there was anything she wanted to add to this post, she emailed me back: “Well, there’s a dirty joke about finger painting in there if you want to go for it.”

So I’ll leave you with that thought. That, and a note that, no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to have a glow of little-kid pride that your work is up on the fridge.

Even when it’s a fingerpainting.

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2 Responses to Move over, report card: My romance novel cover is on my parents’ fridge

  1. Anonymous says:

    Everything about this is fantastic.

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