Free Books from Torquere: Day 5

Through December 24, Torquere Press is giving away ebook copies of one or two titles through their website all day every day.  I’ll be posting them here so that you can make sure to grab them.

Today’s giveaways are Huston Piner’s My Life as a Myth and Julia Talbot’s Jumping Into Things.

mylifeasamyth185My Life as a Myth

It’s 1969 and high school freshman Nick Horton has got problems; he’s an easy target for bullies, he’s a social outcast who dreams of being popular, and he doesn’t understand why he’s just not attracted to girls. So after a series of misunderstandings label him a troublemaker, he’s delighted when Jesse Gaston and his gang befriend him. But while Nick just wants to explore his growing attraction to Bobby Warren, Jesse’s campaign to give him a new image soon transforms the shy loser into an anti-establishment student hero and before long, Nick discovers that if it wasn’t tough enough just pretending to be straight, now he’s got to act cool too! As Nick strives to understand his emerging romance with Bobby he also finds himself besieged by would-be girlfriends. At the same time, he also has to deal with increasingly dangerous goings-on at school and the Vietnam War’s destructive impact on his family.

Nick’s freshman year is a remarkable journey of ridiculous misadventures, unexpected psychedelic explorations, and tragic turns of fate.  Is a world still reeling from the sexual revolution and the illicit pleasures of marijuana and underage drinking ready to accept two boys in love? Can Nick and Bobby’s relationship survive a world where acid rock rules, status is everything, and being gay is the last taboo? My Life as a Myth is an often humorous but ultimately heartbreaking story of a boy’s struggle with sexual identity and first love in a violent and hostile world.

jumpingsmJumping Into Things

What are the odds that two different brothers will find the man of their dreams in one summer?

What are the odds that those two brothers will both like men?

The Thatcher brothers will make you forget the odds. In this double novella, each brother tells his own tale. There’s Jed, pilot and all around good old boy, gets more than the one night stand he bargained for with an adrenaline pumped smoke jumper who makes him as horny as he does crazy. And Ross, Airborne jump instructor and man’s man, finds a sweet young thing he can’t resist, and follows in his big brother’s footsteps.

Likeable men, hot sex, and a great sense of detail make these brothers believable, even when you think the odds are against them.

Both books will be available for free on the Torquere website in ebook format until 12 midnight CST.

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New Release: Evergreen

Evergreen Cover SmallIt’s new release day!

Evergreen, a 12,ooo-word interracial, bisexual, polyamorous, Hollywood, holiday romance is now available from Torquere Press and major distributors.

When bisexual polyamorous TV star Liam Campbell returns home to New York City for the holidays he finds out his best friend (with benefits) Charles Ortwin has recently acquired a serious boyfriend. Thrown by not being the center of everyone’s attention, Liam seeks out advice from three of his chosen family: ex-lover and co-star J. Alex Cook, boss and asexual romantic companion Victor Salcido Santillan, and fiancée Carly Amadahy, each of whom are tied up with their own sensual pleasures.

When a holiday party ends in a series of arguments between Charles, the new boyfriend, and Liam, it takes a snowy Christmas, a bit of honest communication, and some delightful sexual agony to put everything back as it should be.

The story is part of the Love in Los Angeles universe, and sits between book 1, Starling (which is currently on sale at Torquere for 20% off) and book 2, Doves, which will be out January 21, 2015. But it’s also designed to be read as a standalone, so feel free to start here and get a feel for the characters and the world!

The story is also available as part of the Santa’s Little Kinksters anthology.  Both the standalone version and the anthology are ebook only releases.

Standalone version ($2.99): Amazon | Torquere

Full anthology ($4.49): Amazon | Torquere

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Free Books from Torquere: Day 4

Through December 24, Torquere Press is giving away ebook copies of one or two titles through their website all day every day.  I’ll be posting them here so that you can make sure to grab them.

Today’s giveaways are Morwen Navarr’s Ghost’s Sight and  Chris Owens and Tory Temple’s Never Too Early: The Beginning.

ghostssight185 Ghost’s Sight

When Gerry is injured on a hunt, he is taken to the Witch’s home to save his badly broken leg. There he meets and is intrigued by her enigmatic ward. Ghost is equally captivated by Gerry, but all the young man has ever known is a solitary life as a witch’s apprentice. Gerry wants to make a life with Ghost, and he’s willing to leave the security of his family to create a family of their own. Now Ghost must decide if that new family is a chance worth taking, and the choice seems clear: Ghost loves Gerry too much already to say no.

But when Ghost disappears on his way to join Gerry, the young hunter will need to hunt a more dangerous prey to find the missing apprentice, and Ghost will need all his skill to survive until Gerry can find him.

Nevnevertooearlythebeginning185er Too Early: The Beginning

Firefighters Chancellor Shanahan and Tucker McBride have been together for years. They’ve been through the rough patches and come out the other side, although shift work, misunderstandings, and stubborn personalities can make things interesting. Chance knows that he and Tucker love each other, however, and neither of them have any interest in other people. So what happens when they meet another couple with a similar relationship? An unlikely friendship could take a possible turn.

Jake and Tor are a pair of cowboys who have weathered the storms of a decade together and have finally settled into their lives. They have a ranch, they have family, and they have each other. A rare vacation leads to a friendship, which leads to questions and a revival of long finished conversations. Is moving forward also a step back in time to issues they’ve already put to rest?

Both books will be available for free on the Torquere website in ebook format until 12 midnight CST.

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Holidays: Alex

IMG_20131208_210420Everyone Alex works with, or is friends with, or who has seen an interview with him on television, knows he is from Indy-fucking-ana. It’s no secret that he’s from a tiny, crappy town.

Exactly how tiny and how crappy that town is, and how really desperate his childhood was, is something that’s a secret. Victor, the showrunner on The Fourth Estate and Alex’s boss, knows some small parts of the story of Alex’s childhood. His boyfriend, Paul, knows some other parts. Nobody knows the full story, though, and Alex prefers it that way. Home is, for Alex, never a place he wants to return to.

Even for the holidays. When Alex was a not-quite-starving PA, it was easy to avoid going home, because he couldn’t afford to. Which meant that his first Christmas in L.A., he spent alone in the crappy apartment he shared with Gemma. She had gone home to Scranton — and even invited Alex along — but a holiday alone, with just a strand of Christmas lights  strung around his bedroom, was much preferable to Indiana or anywhere else.

In Starling, Alex has the means to go home but instead he flies his mom out to New York City, where he’s working. As with Thanksgiving, Alex has complicated feelings and a fair degree of guilt about how much he hates the place he’s from.

It’s easier, once he has Paul and his own ever-growing chosen family. Cooking holiday meals with Paul and chasing their cat out of the Christmas tree feels like a normal holiday experience, even if Alex’s life has never been normal. In some ways, that’s made his life easier. In some, a lot harder.

Tomorrow, Evergreen, a Love in Los Angeles holiday story, is coming out from Torquere. In it, you’ll get to see a slice of what the holidays look like for Alex now. While he’s working on leaving the memories of his childhood in Indiana behind, spending the holidays with all the trappings of the holidays is just one more way Alex is figuring out how to navigate the life he never thought he’d have.

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Do the Thing! – Now not later

Do the thingLook, it’s a Do the Thing! and it’s even on time.

Let’s talk procrastination.  While in a lot of ways our last two misses were less about procrastination and more about forgetfulness, I’m a procrastinator, so let’s just go there.

You aren’t lazy if you’re a procrastinator.  It’s not about that. It’s about  some combination of the following three things:

1. You’re scared. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not, it’s real to you, and it’s preventing you from getting stuff done.

2. You like that adrenaline hit of last minute achievement and you will bend time and space and other people’s deadlines to get it.

3. Procrastinating reminds you that you’re a rockstar for whom some things are easy, so it’s okay to blow stuff off until the last minute.

All of these things can suck and mess with your goals.  None of them mean you’re a bad person, no matter what your mom, your school, or you yourself has ever said.

So now what?  You want to do the thing and you want to do it later. Here are some tricks that work for me to get the thing done right now:

1. Can I multi-task it? If so, I put on the TV and pretend I’m not really doing the thing I feel freaked out by doing while I do the damn thing.

2. Fake deadlines. Much like deadlines in corporate work, internal deadlines are deadlines for you before it ever gets to the client/editor/etc.  Of course, many of us procrastinators will just blow these off too, but it’s worth a try.

3. Positive self-talk.  Seriously, you’re already procrastinating, why have shame about walking around your house getting some adrenaline up and telling yourself, loudly, how you’re just going to sit down and write the hell out of this thing and knock it out the park. So what if your pets mock you.

4.  Long-term: Find other ways to get those adrenaline hits and find out what you’re really afraid of — rejection? success? being alone with your thoughts? editors? readers? spiders? You gotta know the dragon to slay the dragon (or to befriend it and have it be your awesome minion).

Like all the other Things we talk about here, procrastination isn’t a Thing that gets solved or fixed or whatever we want to call it overnight. Sometimes it doesn’t get fixed at all. Sometimes, the best you can do is find a workaround. But little fixes do add up, and it’s something you can start in some small way right now.

So what’s the thing you’re putting off this week?  Or better yet, how do you solve procrastination? We’re always in the market for a good tip.

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Free Books from Torquere: Day 3

Through December 24, Torquere Press is giving away ebook copies of one or two titles through their website all day every day.  I’ll be posting them here so that you can make sure to grab them.

Today’s giveaways are Lynn Townsend’s Roll and  M.D Grimm’s Ruby: Lost and Found.


From the farms of Tennessee, Beau Watkins had it all in high school; the cute girl, the popular, jock lifestyle, a loving family. As a rising freshman at an out-of-state college, he’s determined to find out who he really is behind the fake it ’til you make it attitude. He joins Rainbow Connection, the gay student alliance, hoping to find himself. Instead, he finds Vin Reyes. Raised by his grandparents and the heir to a prosperous company, Vin has been out of the closet since he figured out what that meant. He has it all: fashionable clothing, fancy cars, huge houses, and a real party lifestyle, even a bodyguard. Most of all, he has a secret.

Uncomfortable with Vin’s generosity, Beau fights his growing attraction for the president of Rainbow Connection, chasing instead a series of shallow affairs. Vin’s never been denied anything that he wants, though, and now he wants Beau. But it’s not until an old rival puts Beau in the hospital that Vin realizes that Beau means more to him than a simple love affair. Can the two of them bridge the gap between their worlds and roll with the all the punches life will throw at them?

RuRubyLostFound185by: Lost and Found

Morgorth is a mage on the planet Karishian. There is little he hates more than the Stones of Power — gemstones infused with magick by the first seven mages ever born. So when a sorcerer gets hold of a major stone, a ruby, Morgorth has no choice but to go after him. But, to his irritation, he is not alone. Aishe is a dialen whose tribe was massacred by the sorcerer, and is now on a mission of vengeance. The attraction is instant between them, but Morgorth keeps his distance. Because of a traumatic childhood and a deadly destiny, he has no desire for emotional complications. But Aishe’s very presence challenges Morgorth’s resolve.

Not only does Morgorth begin to admire Aishe’s strength and intelligence, but he begins to see Aishe as a friend. As their hunt continues and their time together lengthens, their bond deepens, as does Morgorth’s fear. If he becomes the monster that destiny claims he will, will he hurt Aishe? Will he harm the one person who sees right through him? Who accepts him wholeheartedly? Determined to not let that happen, Morgorth keeps Aishe at a distance, but when Aishe is kidnapped by the sorcerer, what will Morgorth do to get him back?

Both books will be available for free on the Torquere website in ebook format until 12 midnight CST.

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Free Books from Torquere: Day 2

Through December 24, Torquere Press is giving away ebook copies of one or two titles through their website all day every day.  I’ll be posting them here so that you can make sure to grab them.

Today’s giveaways are Ashavan Doyon’s Loving Aidan and  Mychael Black’s Arcanum: Vervain.

lovingaidan185 Loving Aidan

Samuel Riley is gorgeous – tall, muscular, and intelligent. The girls love him. And so does his roommate, Aidan Flemming. Secretly, of course, because Aidan is as gay as Sammy is straight – and even the out and proud Aidan knows there are limits to Sammy’s acceptance. Cursed to watch as Sammy dates half the co-eds on campus, a lonely Aidan spends his time writing, helping Sammy and his friends survive literature classes, and recovering from a disastrous love affair that left Aidan heartbroken.

But when happiness finally comes for Aidan in the body of his roommate’s fellow rower, all that changes. In Steven, Aidan finds happiness and romance. The rower, a blond, blue-eyed Adonis, makes Aidan feel desired and appreciated. But their very public courtship stirs up controversy and violence, and Aidan’s life gets very complicated.

Attacks rock the campus community, and in the middle of the upheaval, Aidan finds himself noticed by the last person he’d expect. Samuel Riley, his roommate, his impossible dream, and just possibly, a very jealous suitor. But the jealous suitor has a girlfriend. And she is not happy.

ArcanVervain185um: Vervain
Detective Jonah Pierce has mourned his brother Riley’s death for a decade, and he’s never managed to heal. He loved Riley too much, and maybe in the wrong way. When a new rash of vampiric murders begins, Jonah’s division Arcanum is called in to investigate. Sent to talk to a potential suspect, Jonah gets the shock of his life. But that’s nothing compared to what comes later, when betrayal shows itself far closer than he ever expected.

Both books will be available for free on the Torquere website in ebook format until 12 midnight CST.

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